3 Things To Know About Me

I'm going to assume that if you're reading this, then you know me on some level.

If you're one of my best friends, you know more about me then I'm going to reveal on here. You know my struggles and my sins. You know my family, or at least a lot about them. You accept me, past and all. You know bits and pieces, if not all, of my testimony. And you love me regardless. 

If you're a close friend, you'd know how truly weird I am. You'd know that I drink water like it's going out of style. You'd know that I order chicken tenders at 9/10 food establishments. You'd know that I suck at cooking and that I love ice skating. You'd know my fear of tornados and that most of my blog posts come from procrastination. You'd know that I love eating at Chili's and that I enjoy painting. 

If you're a friend, you probably know that I go to the University of Missouri & that I absolutely love it. You may know that I'm studying Health Sciences and Spanish and that I'm pursuing Physical Therapy school. You may know that I feel passionately called to missions. You may know that I love donuts and adventure. 

If you're an acquaintance and you really don't know me very well, I hope you know three things. 

1) I love Jesus
2) I am a sinner
3) I have been blessed with grace

If you didn't know those three things, then there is a problem. Not with you, but with me. This means that I have not been living like Christ. I haven't been shining my light as brightly as possible. And I haven't been real with you.

1) I love Jesus (I love the entire Trinity, there's no bias). I love Jesus because he created me & I am wonderfully and fearfully made. He crafted me, bit by bit, with the greatest of love. He placed every hair in my head, crafted each organ inside of me, and he gave me a heart capable of loving him. After he created me, he planned out my life for me. Each and every day. Every trial, every tear, and each and every laugh. When he was done, he graciously placed me in a loving, hilarious, and dysfunctional family. He gave me a family that would grow and nurture me into the woman I am today. He gave and he took away. He allowed pain, but he performed healing. He allowed trials, but he also allowed redemption. He has grown me and broken me, and has given me a temporary home on earth. He has called me to be an exile, but has provided through it all. He has turned chaos into absolute beauty. 

But before all of this - before I was even a blip, He died for me. He sacrificed himself. On a cross. To save me from sins I hadn't even committed yet. To save me from the sins of my past, present, and those I have still yet to commit. He died to save me from darkness and death and the wrath I so shamefully deserve. 


Because he loves me. He loves me more than anyone on earth could possibly attempt. He loves me so much, that he gave up his throne. He loves me so much that my tiny brain cannot comprehend it. It's overwhelming and freeing and so incredibly beautiful. 

So. I love the guy. I love him because he is my father. I love him because he has so lovingly picked me up, time and time again. I love him because he sacrificed himself. I love him because he has saved me. I love him because he is the only one who truly KNOWS me. There are so many more things I can list. 

Have you ever been in that situation where someone is telling you all about their perfect boyfriend or girlfriend and their "we've never disagreed once in our life" relationship?  In response, you typically do one of three things (probably depending on your relationship status) 

1) Silently gag and tune them out 
2) Jealously wish that you had they had
3) Wish that your relationship was more like theirs

Well friends, I have good news for you. 

You can have what I have. Your relationship with Christ can be like what I described. He's ready for ya. Ready to begin or start over in a relationship with YOU! How great is that?! 

2) I am a sinner.

Y'all. I AM A SINNER. Surprise!!!! 

Okay no. This should not be a surprise. If you truly thought I was not a sinner, we need to talk. For realz though, shoot me a message. But anyways, it's true. We all are. I screw up every day friends. I gossip, I'm slothful, I think mean thoughts about others, I don't show love, I have idols, I have road rage, and today I said two curse words. I am not perfect and I don't try to be. Because it's not obtainable. Due to the fall, we sin. We make mistakes and we turn against God. Which leads me into #3

3) I have been blessed with grace. 

Christ died to save us from our sins. To wipe our slates clean. To turn crimson into snow. Oh sweet friends, he has poured out grace on us!!!! Each and every day he dumps a big ole bucket of grace water on us. Because we desperately need it. Do we deserve it? Heck no! But that's what is so great is that Jesus loves us so much that he's willing to bless us with undeserved grace. And I am sooo thankful for that. God sees our sin and still loves us. No sin is too big. But while God forgives them all, we still must repent (ask forgiveness for our sins). Otherwise we'll continue to commit them, and that's not fair to God.

So friends, now that you know those 3 things, I hope you too will love Jesus and understand that you've been blessed with grace.

I'm going to go do medterm now. Get excited for an update on my summer plans sometime next week! (: 


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