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I long for adventure. Every day of my life I dream of doing wild and crazy and adventurous things. I want to zipline through every rainforest I can. I want to go to Africa and make a difference. I want to sing on stage and be a famous ballerina. I wish to skydive and parasail and crash a wedding. I don't want life to be boring. I don't want to sit in an office. I want to be out in the world tackling impossible things. I want to soar with the eagles and gain my own wings. I want people to think I'm crazy and question my every action. I want the thrill of adrenaline rushing through my veins. I long to live a life of purpose, promise, and excitement. This blog will be just that - a documentary of my adventures, big and small. Anything can be an adventure if you let it be. Here goes nothing (: