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life lately

i'm staying in Columbia over the summer to establish residency, and so far i have mixed emotions. some days i love it, other days i'm incredibly homesick. regardless, i'm making the most of it! here are some "adventures" from the past few weeks!
I got my official University of Missouri name tag! I absolutely love working for the School of Health Professions. 

A few weeks ago, my friend Kelaney and I went and saw Oz for free on Lowry Mall! 

I worked a gorgeous wedding here in CoMo!

My boss gave me personal business cards! I've even given out a couple! So if you need a photobooth for a Missouri event - hit me up!

I worked yet another wedding! I vow never to have a wedding outside - this poor bride and groom had a ceremony in a torrential downpour.. the party was fun though!

Alpine Park & Garden Center - gorgeous venue minus the rain!

I had to get a typhoid fever vaccination.


This is a picture of when I asked Siri for directions to the…

adventure is here

My Guatemalan adventure is quickly approaching! It's surreal to think that in a little over a month I will be 2,500 miles away working with Guatemalan physical therapists, going to a zoo with special needs students, and visiting homes of people in need. I am so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to serve. I hope to update everyone via this blog while I am there. Until then, I will post various adventures of my summer here in the lovely Columbia, MO! Some of my "adventures" aren't really adventures at all, they're actually rather mundane, but anything can be an adventure if you make it one. Here are some adventures from the past week:

First time eating Chipotle! 

Nick Yahl came to CoMo and we went to a farmers market! We bought lemon poppy seed bread, peanut butter chocolate chip bread and fresh and organic strawberries!

We then headed over to the Art in the Park festival to see the art eat greasy food truck food! We said hi to our friend Paige, ate DELISH b…