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a thank you to teachers

this post is for all teachers. retired, current, or future. whether you teach sunday school or middle school or ESL. this is for you.

first thing's first. y'all are crazy. do you know that?
it's a beautiful, amazing, awe-worthy type of crazy.  but crazy nonetheless.

i am not called to be a teacher. nope. not me. no-sir-ee. it is not my thing. but for some reason I keep finding myself in teaching positions. currently, i'm teaching 6 Nicaraguan children, between the ages of 6 and 9, their letters and numbers. and let me be the first to tell you,  teaching is still not. my. thing.

but, through these teaching experiences, i've learned a few things: (1) teaching is hard. (2) it takes (a ridiculous amount of) patience. and (3) i am so incredibly amazed by what y'all do.

so teachers,
thank you for your patience. i'm sure you've had days where it ran out. in fact, i know you have. so thank you for not throwing in the towel. thank you for putting on that movie instead of losing your…