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halfway point

hello all,

i'm currently in alaska. laying in a hammock listening to old pine by ben howard & getting eaten alive by mosquitos. it's 9pm and the sun is beginning to set over the snow capped mountains. there's a slight breeze and the air is crisp and fresh. today i took a nap on a dock down at auke lake and i dipped my toes in the cold water as i watched an eagle soar above me. life is good. i feel alive here. it's easier to breathe and to think. i only have 4 weeks left.

-- Job i work for juneau tours/juneau whale watch. i'm a dock representative, so i'm in charge of getting large groups of antsy tourists on the correct bus at the correct time to the correct place before any of them start to get cranky. i've translated for people in spanish, been cussed at, shoved against a bus, dealt with crying customers, & i've had the pleasure of meeting tourists from all over the world. i've met mizzou grads, sorority sisters, natives, australians …