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ear devotion

have you ever thanked the Lord for your ears? you've maybe thanked him for the ability of hearing,  but have you ever said "Thank you Lord for my ears" ?
today i am thankful for my ears. i'm studying for my anatomy final and here is some of what i've learned:
the pinna (auricle) is the outer ear that you see connected to your body. it is made of cartilage, which continues to grow until around the age of 40. then, gravity takes over and tugs on your earlobes so your ears keep "growing" until you die. have you ever looked at an old man's ears?  they're huge. it's awesome!!!
so the pinna gathers up sound waves and sends it inside the ear. isn't that cool?! sound waves hit every part of our body. they hit our foreheads, our hands, our knees. and yet the ear is the lucky part that gets to take it all in. not our mouths or the nostrils in our nose, but the silly looking things on the sides of our heads. they have the awesome role of gathering up the sound waves…