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do you ever think, maybe i can't do this?
maybe i'm not cut out for this? maybe, i'minadequate.

the dictionary defines inadequate as "insufficient; unable to deal with a situation or with life"

that is how i feel a lot. because i want to do all of the things. i'm sure a lot of you can relate. i want to be involved in organizations at school, make straight a's, be the perfect girlfriend and friend (LOL), volunteer, be involved at the crossing and serve in various ministries. i want to work 12+ hours a week so that i can be somewhat independent and pay for gas and food and utilities and whatever else. i want to cook healthy meals and get 8 hours of sleep (LOL once again). i want to paint and read books and exercise (LOLOLOL). 
but i just can't do it. and that bothers me. it eats at me. it pulls me away from Christ.
sitting down to write this, i really didn't have a plan. i just needed to sit down and get out the words prying at my heart. but while i'…

trees will clap

(^^^ LISTEN ^^^)

i've always loved the song, Trees Will Clap, that we sing at the Crossing. it's super catchy and you can't help but tap your foot and smile when you sing it. it's based off the the following verse: 
Isaiah 55:12 You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.
when we sang it at church today though, something was different. God placed vivid imagery in my mind that i can't help but share. open the song in a new tab, press play, close your eyes (after you read), and imagine this:
(but really, play the song while you read this or it'll be a little hard to grasp)
you're on a harbor (in alaska of course) and you're surrounded by gorgeous pine and spruce trees. there are eagles soaring and the snow capped mountains stretch for miles. there's a light breeze and you can feel the warmth…