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the saturday in between

in levi lusko's book, through the eyes of a lion he says the following regarding today, the saturday between Good Friday and Easter:
"Saturday must have been a day of crushing disappointment. 
It was a time when promises had been made but were not yet fulfilled. Jesus had said he would come back. He had said death wouldn’t be the end of the story. He had promised that if the temple of his body were to be torn down, it would be rebuilt. 
But he hadn’t risen yet.
 All day Saturday, Jesus’ spirit was in heaven with his Father and with the thief on the cross. 
But for his disciples, Saturday was filled with nothing but loss. 
Jesus’ body lay dead, decaying and cold. On Saturday, the rock in front of the tomb embodied the death of all their dreams and Jesus’ promise of a resurrection seemed absurd. Sunday was coming, but it wasn’t there yet.
I’m sure for the disciples, Saturday lasted way. too. long. Jesus will come back. We will get to see our Savior’s face. What the enemy has destroyed w…