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let's do this

I LEAVE FOR GUATEMALA TOMORROW! I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity! Up until now I've still be trekking along in Columbia. I got to go to STL for a long 4th of July weekend though! I've even knocked a couple things off my bucket list! 

Preston & I have gotten Sonic shakes way too many times

I seriously love my job! I also just had a job interview today with a smoothie place! 

Mom & Carson came and visited me in CoMo!

I <3 4th of July!

I absolutely loved being a Peer Adviser for the School of Health Professions this summer!!!

this picture is actually pretty normal behavior

Mizzou is seriously the best school around

I got to see Nicholas in STL!!! :D

Nick had to work on Friday, so Sam, Bri, and I had a girl's day out! We went to Shu Feng Chinese

& saw the new wing at the art museum in Forest Park!

Nick Yahl was a trooper and took me to the zoo... again

Baby Priya!!!

Quite the photographer

Fair St. Louis aka fireworks under the arch