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spiritual warfare

today is the sabbath.  and today i am hurting.
it happens every week. i go to church. i serve in the 3's classroom or with high school ministries. i sit with my dearest and closest friends. i sing hymns of praise to my Maker. i pray prayers of confession and thanks. i listen to the sermon given by one of our amazing pastors. i dutifully take notes. i take communion and pray some more. i listen to announcements and read the bulletin. i hang around in the sanctuary and chat with the sweet people God has placed in my life. sometimes i go out to eat or go grocery shopping. and then i come home.
and that's when he attacks.
every. single. week.

i used to think it was just exhaustion. but as i've grown closer to the Lord, i can now discern that it's the enemy. the one who tears down and places lies deep into our hearts. the one who tells me i'm unworthy. that i can't live up to expectations. the one who causes me to doubt. doubt my relationships, my body image, my future. …